How to bet on Cup Matches?

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Bets on the FA Cup

One of the most spectacular and favorite soccer fans’ championships in Europe is the FA Cup. For the main trophy of the tournament, each year fights from 600 to 750 teams, among which even amateur clubs can participate. During the first 6 rounds, there is a qualifying stage, after which major league clubs join the competition. Meeting teams, as well as the venue of the match, is determined by a draw.

If the meeting ends in a draw, the second match is played at home to the other team. If the second game is also tied, two overtimes are played, followed by a penalty shootout. The replay on the opponent’s field does not apply in the later stages of the championship.

Features of bets on the FA Cup:

  • The possibility of the favorite being eliminated in the early stages of the championship. It is not uncommon for clear favorites to suffer defeat from teams even of the fifth division. This happens because of underestimating the opponent.
  • Betting with handicaps in the FA Cup is dangerous enough, because the favorites in the game with the outsiders are not always set up for a smashing score. For example, if they have to play the next game with a difficult opponent.
  • Often the replay ends with a big lead of the favorite over the underdog. Here you can already use a bet on the handicap, or bet on the TB.
  • The list of markets in the English Cup in terms of diversity is not inferior to the World Cup or Europe. Therefore, there is no need to focus on popular bets, you can choose more favorable and predictable markets.
  • For a more in-depth analysis of cup meetings, you can use predictions from the cappers. The best private players are able to help you choose the right outcome.

When betting on the winner, it should be taken into account that the strongest teams, which recently owned the FA Cup, are MJ, MS, Arsenal and Chelsea. However, the sensation in England also happens. So, in 2007-2008, the championship in the cup belonged to Portsmouth, which was in 8th place in the Premier League. And in 2012-2013, the winners were Wigan. Nevertheless, teams from outside the APL became champions only 8 times.

Betting on the Cup of Russia

The Cup of Russia is not as popular as the Big Five championships, but there is an increased interest among bettors from the Russian Federation. Domestic clubs have been better financed since the turn of the millennium, resulting in high-level teams. As a consequence, Russian teams have managed to win two UEFA Cups.

The Cup of Russia involves teams from the Premier League, as well as from the 1st and 2nd divisions. In addition, since 2007 amateur clubs, belonging to the 3rd and 4th divisions, which have been licensed by the RFU, may also take part in the championship. Amateur teams qualify from the 1/512 finals stage. At the 1/128 finals stage they are joined by teams from the second division. At the 1/32 finals the first division enters the fray, and the Premier League joins at the 1/16 stage. All matches are played until one of the teams wins. If the match ends in a draw, extra time is set. If the score is tied, a penalty shootout is played.

The main feature of betting on the Cup of Russia is a large number of sensations. This is due to the fact that the participants in the Premier League are not strongly interested in winning this championship. More prestigious competitions may be held in parallel, which are a priority for these teams. Therefore, the coaches may release the doubles and mixed squads for a meeting in the CD. As a result, it is not uncommon for Premier League clubs to leave the championship already in the 1/16 finals.

Also worth mentioning are the matches held at the home stadium of the teams-outsiders. These meetings are of great interest to the hosts, and attract many fans. Outsiders in such matches often win.

Thus, the Cup of Russia is a rather unpredictable springboard for betting. However, with careful analysis, it is possible to predict the result and make a successful bet. In addition, this situation in the Cup of Russia allows you to bet on outsiders with high odds.

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