The two amazing movies about sports betting

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Often, just looking up from what we are used to is enough to change our point of view on various subjects. Today we have decided to present you with two films that we have remembered after we had passed the 22Bet login form and started playing. You might never have watched on your own. 

The most recent, Happiness Therapy, by David O.Russell

This feature film, released in 2013, was a big hit with us! You can’t stay on ice in front of Happiness Therapy, it’s not possible!

The pitch: Patrick Solatano comes out of a psychiatric institution where he was treated for his bipolarity, and returns to his parents, where he has to relearn how to live. Indeed, he used to be a fulfilled teacher, married to a woman who was cheating on him with another teacher. When he found out about the affair, Pat went crazy and almost killed the lover.

After serving his sentence, therefore, he resumes his life with the firm intention of winning back Nikki, his ex-wife. One of his friends invites him to dinner and Pat meets Tiffany, who also happens to be flayed by life’s trials and tribulations. A young widow with a sulfurous reputation, his true passion is dancing. She knows Nikki and promises Pat to send her a letter if he agrees to be her partner in the contest she wants to win…

On the other side, Pat’s father is banned from the stadium and struggles to watch every game of his favorite team on TV, with all his gris-gris. If the two sides of Pat’s life don’t seem to come together, a now cult and hilarious scene will take care of putting the pieces back together. Without spoiling the story, you’ll recognize the moment when Tiffany bursts into Solatano’s living room in a rage to blame Patrick for not showing up for his practice session!

Al Pacino in D.J. Caruso’s Two for the Money

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Are you a fan of Al Pacino and his films illustrating luxury and money earned too quickly? Then you’ll love this movie “Two for the Money” released in 2005, which features another cinema giant, Matthew Mc Conaughey. 

Brandon Lang, brilliantly played by McConaughey, is stopped in his university soccer career due to an injury. Fortunately, this incident will develop in him another gift, that of predicting the outcome of games with disconcerting ease. While playing in a rather closed environment, Brandon is offered a new job…

Walter Abrahams (Al Pacino) is a reputable sports betting agency manager and is trying, by all means, to recruit Brandon. When he finally agrees to work for this agency, he sparks! For Brandon, new doors are opening up for him: luxury, the superficial world of the jet set, and the life of a gambler. The two men have a real father-son relationship, and the business is running smoothly, until the day when…

Brandon is becoming a little less good at his job and as the responsibilities pile up and weigh several million dollars, his talent is dwindling and the relationship with his boss becomes strained. The two men engage in a merciless battle that will erode what they hold dearest, their egos…

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